Sunday, 31 January 2016

Leather and Jumpsuit it's delicious yum yum lol :0) xxxx

Hey Dudettes and Dudes!! Wow I have had a crazy busy week :0) I went to see The Corrs and they was like amazing!! I am so delighted that I got the opportunity to see them :0) Talented Musicians :) I went to see Goosebumps in the cinema and I really enjoyed that as well! It was like a blast from the past when I was younger I was completely addicted to the TV series!! Check it out if you already haven't it's cool :) Anyway on to our passion for fashion <3 I have put together for us today leather and a gorgeous jumpsuit and it truly is delicious hehehe We have very chic mixed with punk rock and pretty chic with a bita edge I am in love <3 Check it out you beautiful people love ya xxxxx






Friday, 29 January 2016

Super Saver Friday it's Taylor Swift Style for under £65.00

Yello everyone!!I wanted to put together an outfit similar to Taylor Swift been crazy listening to her music at the minute :0) I love it!! Love story is my favorite :) Suppose I am still in the honeymoon period haha She is such a super model one of her many gifts!! Legs for days wowza but her style is super sweet so I was like it's time to put a Taylor outfit together even if we haven't the legs for days and the heavenly blonde hair we will rock it too :0) Why the heck not?? Thank you Taylor for giving the inspiration your Awesome!!! I have put a few jaw dropping pics of her as well! Now I wanna go to a ball lol :) She looks awesome!! Check it out I love it I hope you do too xxxxx







Thursday, 28 January 2016

Super Saver Friday In the style and funk of Miley Cyrus for under $90.00

Dia dhuit (Irish-Hello :0)) you Awesome individuals!!! I am really excited about this blog ;) I am putting together an outfit inspired by Miley Cyrus :0) That Gurl has some funk going on :) whether its twerking or just chilling she looks Fantastic!! I am so in love with this outfit it's effortless chic :0) I am a huge huge huge Fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse I am such a kid lol I love it! Great outfit and Thank you Miley for the inspiration you rock!!! The outfit could also be mixed and matched which is a bonus hehe I have put a few extra pics of Miley with some fab outfits below it's super coolio I love love love it whoop woooo :0) xxxx







Monday, 25 January 2016

Top and Tee Tuesday it's colourfully Awesome!! :0) xxxx

Eh Oh Guys and Dolls :0) It's Tuesday whoop woooo :0) Got some funky bright Tops and Tees this week for you :) You got to admit some-days Pizza is all you care about? haha I always think of my belly yum yum I love Pizza express and their Garlic bread mmmmm or Pizza Hut delicious <3 Next stop for me is Italy to taste some authentic Pizza yum yum!! hahaha As for the barbie top everyone's gotta love barbie remember the band Aqua and the song I'm a barbie girl those were the fun crazy 90s blast from the past :) Dang now that songs in my head lol  As for the tie dye F@ck Off Tee we all have those days you would love to shout it from the roof tops so now we can just let the Tee do it for us haha Freaking Awesome!!! xxxx