Thursday, 30 June 2016

This weeks fashion picks ;0)

Hello you awesome people :) How Gorgeous are the words above :) I love it!! Especially in a world as vain as ours I believe these awesome words are gospel :0) Anyway How are you all on this lovely rainy day? :) Yes you read correct I love the rain!! It's all everyone complains about but for me it's another day to be greatful for being alive :0) I read a quote by Bob Marley recently it said "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" How amaze balls is that?? Boom!! That's all I have to say on that matter hehe Anyway coming around from the cold now :0) at least no more runny noses hurray!! However I am so on a falling backwards spiral again If I don't laugh I would cry so hopefully I'll come around again soon :) Today's outfits are just a couple of things I saw and thought looked cute :0) So I hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!! Peace and love as always xoxoxo







Friday, 24 June 2016

It's alll about the Jacket ohhh ahhh :)

Pink is awesome!! We seen her live like 3 years ago and it was a freaking great concert :) Well this week I have got a serious cold! Booooo it sucks I am just praying that my Central Nervous System doesn't get too badly affected because every time I get an infection my T cells may cause more damage :( instead of addressing the cold and on top my meds lower my immune system so it may take a lot longer to get better than the average person with a healthy body :0) you luck ducks if that is you :) MS can kiss my ass!! Well on to a lighter note :) I seen all these cool jackets and had to put them on the blog they are too cool :0) I have seriously serious got rich from all my swearing haha my swear jar is full so if I got the jacket below I could just point instead of verbalizing it hehe The money I saved would definitely be enough so the F**k You jacket and the F**k flats will be mine (right about now I am doing an evil cackle) LMAO Well as always Peace and Love :0) xoxoxo









Sunday, 19 June 2016

I really really wanna zigazig ah lol


I love the quote above it is fantastically fantastic :0) The heading of my blog today makes no sense at all haha Spice Girls just randomly jumped in my head lol I have been in a really funny mood the past couple of days! Do you ever go through those days when everything is bright and you have a spring in your step well in my case wheels lol :) So because of my funny mood I have found some really funny quotes hahaha My sense of humor is defiantly warped all the time hehe My tee below is from Dolls Kill I think it's hilarious! In the photo I am giving a good trout pout which I haven't seen much lately on social media?? What is happening? Trout Pout Nation!! Let's do this :0) My hat is from Ebay it says True Life to me this means living my life authentic and keeping Sh!t real!! :) Most people can't handle me because I am so blunt and truthful but I can't stand fake individuals. It's boring and a waste of time!  We need to start a revolution trout pout nation and keep sh!t real nation. I was also thinking say NO TO ASSHOLES revolution LMAO!! Anyway I hope you are all having a great Sunday and hope you enjoy all the outfits now :) After my extremely long rant hahaha
Peace out xoxoxo