Sunday, 29 January 2017

Some Love for Valentines

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Well it's nearly Valentines already! The gif above is for getting ready for Valentines haha :0) Why can't we be like this everyday a lot romantic? I suppose the card companies wouldn't make as much money haha I suppose we would get bored if we had the OTT day more than once a year. OMG could you imagine Valentines everyday for a year? No no darling no more strawberries or oysters hubba hubba LMAO Please don't give me anymore flowers the dang house is looking like a garden already. Sorry ladies and gents I just completely went off on one there lol :) 

We are heading for a nice meal and then to the theater to see Dirty Dancing :0) I love Dirty Dancing! Yay!

I hope you have an awesome week ahead <3 Until next week loads of Love Jane <3 xoxo

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Monday, 23 January 2017

It's all about a great jumpsuit :0)

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Hey everyone :0) I hope you are all Gravy :) The gif above is the way I feel right now hahaha A little sassy ahaha lols What can I say it's just the way I'm feeling :) Well this week it's all about the jumpsuits! I love them and they always look super glamorous! A few celebs below rocking out the jumpsuit <3 I hope you have you enjoy and lets get our jumpsuits on!

Peace and Love

Image result for david bowie jumpsuitImage result for david bowie jumpsuit

 Image result for kate moss jumpsuitImage result for miley cyrus jumpsuitImage result for celebrity jumpsuit Some Celebs wearing the hell outta these jumpsuits! 
Note to self