Friday, 22 April 2016

Top and Tee Tuesday Variety is the spice of life!!

Hi all you Glam people :0) I hope you are all having a great week? :) It has been a while since we have done a Top and Tee Tuesday opsies lol well we have some rocking outfits today for you to rock out :0) I spent the weekend chilling again :) Taking it easy breezy lol :) Some Disney quotes to get us started today I know I know I have said it once and I will say it again I am Disney addict!! Well I have some very funky outfits today for you all and I hope you enjoy them <3 Short and sweet today but it's all I have in me lol Well stayed tuned for Super Saver Friday next week some delicious outfits for you all <3 Peace and Love :) Keep it real <3







Monday, 18 April 2016

Urge to Splurge Mondays :0) Bad To Bone!!!!


Haha Happy Monday ya all you fantastic people <3 I hope you all had an amazing weekend? I spent the weekend watching Emma by Jane Austin 4 parts of the story on Netflix :) It was totally awesome <3 I love Jane Austin My Favs :0) Well today we have an Urge to Splurge Monday hehe well if your like me everyday is an urge to splurge haahaa... We all have a bit of bad ass in us lol So why not rock this jacket that says to the world Bad To The Bone? It's so comfy and you can match it with so many different bits and pieces <3 I am in love :0) It defo is a statement jacket and an investment piece lol well in my opinion <3 The Ragged Priest offer 10% off when you register for their mailing list so it's a bonus!! Who doesn't love some savings? Well below we have some Marilyn Manson Realness <3 Love it!!Hope you enjoy the outfit and have a great week I am jacked up on Coffee already but need something more than Coffee but less than Cocaine as per quote above LMAO <3 Peace and Love Jane xoxo  







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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Super Saver Friday for under £60.00 Rock N Roll Chick


Friday is happening and I am on cloud 9 :0) Blessed, Dressed, Messed and Obsessed LMAO <3 This is the Beginning of the rest of your life <3 Ru Paul is blaring in my headphones right now :) Well the quote above sums it right up for me ;) Babe Ruth has hit the nail on the coffin NEVER GIVE UP!! You hear me NEVER :0) The quote below just made me laugh so much I couldn't resist LMAO!! The Fuck is gone haha forever!! Cr@p I'm gonna go crazier  now than ever b4 haha watch out!! Well the outfit today is Rock N Roll Chick corset, cute skirt and Abbey Dawn booties <3 Thank You Avril Lavigne for theses beauties <3



Super Saver Friday for under $65.00 USA Flag Beauty Queen


Happy Friday!! Love the quote above <3 Totally Awesome!! Have you many plans for the weekend? I am just chilling out and taking it easy :0)Well may pop out for a cuppa Coffee but that's about it :0) Thank god for Coffee it keeps me awake for like an hour a day a lil boost in energy which I usually don't have so God bless Coffee :0) Lets give thanks and praise hehe <3 LMAO Well Today's outfit is very fitting of the description it's a USA Flag Beauty Queen <3 It is so pretty and it's an eye popping candy outfit yipeeeee wowza!! All ya need is some glitter hairspray and red lippy and your ready to conquer the world USA style :0) The quote below is delicious fight for what makes you happy and I say Never Never Give up!! Peace and Love Jane xoxo