Monday, 29 February 2016

The Urge To Splurge Mondays :0) xoxo

Well I was sitting thinking the other day us ladies and gents love to splurge and always get the urge lol :0) I mean who doesn't? There is a fab bag, outfit, accessories or just them all and it's pay day so you cant resist and then this quote below couldn't be more true!! Yes I am one for definite hehe My husband says ill literally be the woman who lived in her shoe haha the quote below also shows how I feel lol LMAO


Well we have some gorgeous outfits from Topshop Unique it's totally bonkers awesome!! I have added some Grillz I am still totally addicted to them!! I <3 them :0) If you wanted complete dots and no Grillz thats cool too I always love incorporating grunge, rock and hip hop most of the time hehe It's cool and I love adding a lil bling to the teeth lol :0) xoxoxo





Well for outfit number 2 is rocking!! Topshop Unique gorgeous suit lovin it it!! Add some Irregular Choice Alice In Wonderland shoes for that bita funk!! Suits are so versatile dressed up or down day or night <3 They are chic chic and chic again!! Well I love Alice In Wonderland and the collab between Alice and Irregular choice is rocking my world right now! I want to go to a mad hatters tea party!! Who is with me? hehe Hope you enjoy these fab outfits love and peace Jane xoxoxox




Friday, 26 February 2016

Top and Tee Tuesday It's Delightful!!

I love this quote life is so short and it's so important to love what you do!! Going all Ru Paul here  'Can I get an amen up in here' lol I am seriously addicted to Ru Paul's Drag Race watching all the seasons all over again :0) I am defo a geek but its brilliant little glass of champers and Ru Paul!! Oh Yasssss!!! Now for some words of wisdom lol LMAO as per usual hahaha

Hahaha anyway now for some cute Tops and Tees :0) All black today!! It's a black on black day and I love me some black on black!!! Its slimming and bonus it's fab :0)

Yaaas! Tee is awesome and the Be Awesome Tee is awesome lol Some Pink Floyd Tee love my bands and Tees give us the Rockstar in the making look! I am with the band haha :)





Awesome is definitely my fav word especially since that Lego movie came out! Everything is awesome everything is cool when your part of a team everything is awesome when your living your dreams!!I am such a freaking child haha the age of me but still its all in good fun and spirit :) xoxoxo



Our last Tee today is a Yaaaas! I am loving the definition of this word :0) Loving life Yaaas!! Lol I hope you enjoyed all the outfits peace and love Jane xoxox




Thursday, 25 February 2016

Super Saver Friday for under £75.00 It's Funkylicious :0)

Dudettes and Dudes let's dance!!!! I am boogieing away here like a rock n roller lol It's been an awesome week and now I'm an auntie again for the 3rd time :0) Jacob was born and he is such a beautiful wee baby!! Love him!! No, I'm not broody before you start lol top tips for being the best aunt ever number one you get the kids give them loadsa sugar they love their aunt then you hand them back to their mum and dad hyper lol :) LMAO!! Hehehe Well back to the outfit:) today we have a denim pini, a patch jumper which is all the craze at the minute, pink heels from Iron Fist and to jazz it up the red tights with the pink heels <3 I just think it's fabulous :0) hope you enjoy and rock out your style :) xoxoxox