Monday, 27 March 2017


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Hey You!

Another week to slay :0) Boom Boom :) We went to see Wonderland in the theater it was awesome! It was Great and Wendi Peters played amazing as The Red Queen. Wendi Peters played Cilla Battersby-Brown in Coronation Street. I had no idea lols I just thought she was great! I would definitely recommend it. Yay!

Since it has been super sunny here at the moment and for some people it's nearing festival time. I thought we need shorts, shorts and more shorts. I have also picked out my fav colour of Hunter wellies.

I have nothing exciting planned this week but you never know? Anyway I hope you enjoy all the shorts madness lol Have a Great week until we meet again next week <3

Peace & Love <3
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I have been obsessively listening to this tune at the minute <3 Love It! 































Monday, 20 March 2017


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Hey Dolls & Guys :0) 

Yay! Lady Gaga kisses are the best <3 I really want to see that gal in concert. Note to self add to bucket list ;0) Sending you all big kisses :0)  Happy Monday! Well, well, well another week gone by already! They do say time flies when your having fun :0) hehe Well I tried the Loreal Colorista it wasn't as bright as I expected but it was a lil change. Dang freaking adverts haha no more TV for me! They have the best hashtag ever #DOITYOURWAY well, there it is the challenging statement, they know we women always do it our way! The picture of my hair is below. Yay!

Well this week we are heading to see the Alice In Wonderland musical in the theater so we all are looking forward to that. I shall let you know in next weeks blog what it was like :0)
My 30th Birthday is in like 2 months. That is a pretty big one! I used to hate getting another year older but since my health has declined so much due to my MS, I appreciate everyday now and to make it to my 30s will be Amazing! My 20s has been uphill to a degree but it has shaped and strengthened me. As they say take the bitter with the sweet. I have no clue what is on the agenda for that but we will probably have a big shin dig :0)

We have our outfits as per usual which are mix & match :) I hope you enjoy the fashion and have an amazing week ahead! Until we meet again next Monday :0)

Peace & Love <3

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This is my hair after the Colorista lol only joking I really wish it turned out this bright lols 


This is definitely my new color lol Only Joking! Below it's for real this time.


It is quite dull both the picture and my hair hehe My hair is dark and with a few greys as well. Why can't I ever find a gold strand instead of silvers LMAO :)