Monday, 26 September 2016

Winter Days are a coming :0)

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This is me right now listening to Macklemore wearing my faux fur lol What a great song! Dude I am jamming :0) No but for reals I do love a bit of Vintage or even going into TK Maxx and looking through all the rails <3 I have not done that in a long time booo.. I really need to get my sh!t together hahaha  This pic below describes me always 
Image result for SLEEP  gif Lil Sleepy LMAO Damn Fatigue haha What you say again? Me like 20 times a day

Well I went to see the most amazing show in Dublin The Vaudevillians freaking awesome! I Advice anyone to go see that show it's so hilarious like pee hilarious OK maybe that was just me haha but for reals it was a Great show :) I loved Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales they rocked my funny bone hehe OK that sounds a lil rude hahaha

Image result for jinkx monsoon gif I need to get me some of these moves but I would probably crack a hip aha  

OMG it's near October my fav time of year and  Halloween time I am seriously like a kid in a candy store every year we have a theme but this year I haven't a clue? Hopefully we will come up with something soon well the dogs will be Pikachus lol :0) I mean whats not to love about Halloween We love getting the house all Spooky, Fireworks, pumpkin soup contests the list goes on :0) I am getting excited! Whoop Woop Woo.  The winter is coming and I am pulling out all chunky knits, scarfs, funky tights, knee high socks and really cute boots <3 It's all about the layering! Not to forever some faux fur 🙌






Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hey Hey Hey You :) It's been like a year already wha wha what?

Hey you Awesome people :) I was thinking today it's been like a year since I started this blog and I didn't even realise it! Lol :0) Yes I know hehe but when your brain is a in the clouds you forget these things. Doh! It has been a fun learning experience and at times a distraction from my chronic illness and pain. Boo hoo it's life I know I live it everyday as do my fellow warriors and as social media has taught me spoonies hehe I didn't have a clue what that was before social media for those who don't know (Spoonies are people that live with chronic illness; theoretically measuring personal daily abilities much as one would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for an event or occasion... sometimes having an abundance, other times coming up short.) I was always skeptical about social media before in fact I am and still am a social media dinosaur lol I didn't start this until I started the blog a year ago. I know Gasp never on Facebook (briefly once I am sure this doesn't count and I was really confused/scared by it lol), Twitter or Instagram until I was 28 haha I told you social media dinosaur. Well in my defense the snail always gets there in the end lol :0)

I give kudos to all bloggers, grafters, passionate people and go getters out there who are thriving on Social Media Go YOU! I really do love seeing people get on it's awesome! In my social media/blogger  experience so far I have met some darn right strong, inspirational, beautiful and intelligent people. I love your passion and your drive and I thank you for being part of my crazy lil journey :0) I do love you all and thank you for tuning in to my crazy little ups, downs and all arounds 😘 Sparkle like you have never sparkled before :0) Peace, love and a HUGE THANK YOU!! Image result for thank you gif Image result for dance gif It all just make me want to Dance lol!






Sunday, 4 September 2016

It's been for ages!!

It really feels that I haven't done a fashion blog in ages!! I have been in my own little world :0) My nails are a welcome back F**k U lol always kisses xx Anyway I feel it's out with summer and welcome back my love of faux fur coats, cosy boots, loads of layering and some wellie boots. I am defo getting ready for the wet season :0) Call me a quack or whatever you may but I love all the seasons :0) I think it's glorious to be alive and enjoy the rain, snow, sun, the wind bring it all on hehe I am really looking forward to Halloween it's my fav holiday of the year! I adore it <3 I really am not a Christmas person at all although I do enjoy it for the kids. Anyway I have been yellow mellow these days hehe :) Here is an introduction to my winter wardrobe. Loving these boots @ Asos spread the peace and love boot are also glittery so in love <3 The jacket will be my staple for winter its faux fur. I am completely off my trolley these days with swear words LMFAO hehe The jacket is @ Dolls Kill or M.I.A website :) Hope you all have a great week :0) xoxo

    As always lol xoxo