Monday, 26 June 2017


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Yo Yo Yo Gorgeous people <3 

I have been crazy, crazy for listening to Guns N Roses recently <3 Love their music and Rock N Roll Style. So when I dressed the other day my hubby was like, "Are you channeling your inner Slash?". I swear when I dressed I honestly didn't realise. I have been so brain washed listening to their music I really, really was doing a Slash! Lol that sounds a lil rude! LMAO :0) This is how we ended up with today's blog hehe If my Hubby didn't say anything this would never have come to life lol :) Ah husbands that's for another blog LMAO Only Joking! I have also picked my Top 6 Sunglasses for summer ;) I know it's bit random having top 6 sunglasses in with a Guns N Roses theme but that's me Random Jane LMAO ;)

I am coming down from my MS attack a bit now. Thank God for that :0) We need more, more, fashion because we have passion! Yeah :) I really hope you enjoy the style today. I also hope you have the most amazing week of your life full of mystery and wonder!

Love You All

Jane <3

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Another Glorious Week. Some Tupac Style & loads more

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Heyyyyyy You <3 

I am sitting here chilling out! Contemplating life and all the amazing blessings that I have <3 It brings such joy to my heart <3 Yes you have before you, a very soppy blogger today lol ;0) Well we all get them days when are a little more soppy than usual lol My health has been on the low as per usual but as we warrior woman do we get stronger! Katie Perry's song Roar is stuck in my head right now Grrrrrrrr lols :0)  To all you strong ladies and gents your gonna here ME roar lol <3 

So this week we have some Tupac Shakur style as it was his Birthday on the 16/06 <3 I love, love, love his music <3 What an amazing talent! Some other outfits as well and my top 6 handbag picks from TK Maxx ;0)

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead! I hope you enjoy the blog as much I did creating it <3

Peace, Love & Light To You All <3

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