Monday, 21 November 2016

Fabulous Outfits :0)

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Hey you all :0) This is me currently but I plan to get like this below LMAO! Who is with me? Lets be mad, bad and glad whoop whoop hehe :0) Some real cracker pieces this week and well it's a whole bunch of mix and match <3 My son won 3rd place yesterday at Judo Yay!!My wee champion <3 Proud mama hehe Well I really hope you all have a great week ahead and I hope you do it in style Beautiful people!  :0) I am currently heading into hospital for some IV meds so every prayer is welcome <3 xoxo

Peace & Love

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Monday, 14 November 2016

It's all about the outfits!

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Hey you Beautiful people! Check out Hammer Time <3 Loving it sitting here wishing I could crack a hip but I have had a crazy week. I have paralysis on the left side of my body not to mention the numb tongue and chocking on my own saliva. Despite that I am greatful to be alive and appreciate the many blessings that I have in my life :0) I am on so much medication at the moment but I shall make it through Warriors always do :) I was watching Yes Man this weekend and if you haven't seen it you must we have to be YES MEN!! Lol :) The GIF below is from the movie but for reals all pretty girls deserve to go to a ball! I think that I will say this to my husband until he caves and takes me to a ball lol :0)
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Well as always I wish you all a fabulous week ahead :0) I hope you guys enjoy the outfits and just maybe you will go to a ball :0) Fingers crossed for me too hehe xoxo