Monday, 26 February 2018

Mon-Yay = Fun- Yay

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It's Mon-Yay Honey <3 

Whoop Whoop :0)  Does anyone else watch Queer Eye? I am so in love with their zest for life! It's like energy, energy, energy and Va Va Va Va Voom lol I love it! If you haven't checked it out it's currently on Netflix :)

Sitting here listening to some Tina Turner <3 Proud Mary :) Love it! I have the doctor this week so I am praying my MS hasn't progressed but who knows with this illness? All prayers welcome xx Suppose in life we just have to roll with the punches and be happy no matter the outcome. At the end of the day happiness is the goal and I am happier now than ever :) So Yay!!

So I hope you all enjoy the Fashion and I hope this is a GRRRRRREATTTT week!!

Peace & Love



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Yassss Chic! 

























Monday, 19 February 2018

The Accessories and miss Piggy Shoe Blog :0)

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Hey Hey Hey :0) 

We are here :0) We made it! It's Mon-Yay! Today is a change from outfits we are doing a few of my Favorite accessories :) and of course loving me some Miss Piggy Irregular Choice boots :0) As per usual I am sitting here having no clue what to write? After all I have been blogging 2 and a bit years now! I have posted nearly every Monday for those 2 years lols <3 Oh I just read that back and I am making excuses LMAO :)

We all know we have to accessories some outfits :) Well for all of my outfits I love getting jewelry, Hats, my handbag, earrings! All mix and match and if I left you out I am gonna wear you another day! Yay! Haha I talk to my clothes and accessories :0) um that's cool right? It's all in the name of Fashion! My outfits are always like here I am and I am going to take over the world or even I am here to survive lols :0) Depends what kind of tantrum my body gives me!

Well I hope you all have a stunning and fabulous week :0)


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I should have wrote spaced out! lol :)  





Ah Bumbags are back!