Monday, 26 June 2017


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Yo Yo Yo Gorgeous people <3 

I have been crazy, crazy for listening to Guns N Roses recently <3 Love their music and Rock N Roll Style. So when I dressed the other day my hubby was like, "Are you channeling your inner Slash?". I swear when I dressed I honestly didn't realise. I have been so brain washed listening to their music I really, really was doing a Slash! Lol that sounds a lil rude! LMAO :0) This is how we ended up with today's blog hehe If my Hubby didn't say anything this would never have come to life lol :) Ah husbands that's for another blog LMAO Only Joking! I have also picked my Top 6 Sunglasses for summer ;) I know it's bit random having top 6 sunglasses in with a Guns N Roses theme but that's me Random Jane LMAO ;)

I am coming down from my MS attack a bit now. Thank God for that :0) We need more, more, fashion because we have passion! Yeah :) I really hope you enjoy the style today. I also hope you have the most amazing week of your life full of mystery and wonder!

Love You All

Jane <3

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