Thursday, 8 October 2015

Alice and Olivia NYFW AW 15 Wowza!!

Alice and Olivia are awesome!! They have lovely cardigans, thigh boots, really gorgeous suits with really nice fabric, Glam dresses, chic coats oh whats no too love :) Gimme gimme gimme haha xxxx Its a BAutiful collection!!

Loving this combo could I get a side of fries with that haha

Stunning print and matching boots :)
I really want it wahhhhhh... spitting my dummy out of my pram ahaha

Sleek Black suit its a must!!

Wow so Gorgeous and Fluffy :)

Super duper cute and love the blue thigh boots:)


This lady is working it!!

Everyone needs a slit dress.. Its very sultry miaowww..

Mongolian Gilet is awesome :) Its so fluffy :)

Beautiful :...) happy tears haha

Stripey Goodness!!

Velvet dress, knee high boots and chic coat who can go wrong with that :)

This print reminds me of Harley Quinn  haha

 Harley Quinn is Awesome!!

Pretty and Glamorous :)

Love this collection :) xxx

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