Friday, 23 October 2015

Awesome Super Saver Friday Vamp Glam outfit for under $210

I was checking out the uber cool store online :) I have put together a cute vamp glam outfit for having a fun night out :) The jacket could also be worn for a day time look with skirts, shorts, leggings and jeans. I would defo say investable fashion piece of clothing for sure. The dress is gorgeous for hitting the tiles :) I love a boogie hehe The Gorgeous velvet heels would be nice with the outfit below but also they would also be supa glam with skinny jeans for a day time look awesome!!

Loving this Fringe jacket after all fringe was walking the Burberry Runway this season it rocks!! This jacket could be worn with the dress below for a fab night out or could be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts like in the picture :) so Its a steal at $68 supa sweet!! xxx
Gorgeous vamp dress very gothy chic!! This was only $58 awesome I am so there haha xxx
To finish off the outfit is these purple velvet heels only $78 whop whoop :)
Side view of these Gorgeous heels!! :)

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