Saturday, 24 October 2015

Kimono Kimono Loving me some Kimono :)

I love the Kimono it Rocks out any outfit!! I have put in my vintage Kimono which I am wearing non stop at the moment :) I love the Kimono!! I have found a couple of different style Kimonos after going on an insane browse haha :) after all variety is the spice of life!!The first four Kimonos are from New Look they have all different colours and prints whoop whoop I have also found stunning Kimono dresses oh the love and glory :) xxxx
I love Kimonos :)
Gorgeous and vintage :)
The front of the Kimono :) xxx

These Gorgeous Kimono is from Asos :)

Loving the fringe Kimono xxx
Loving the red Kimono!!
Spiritual Hippie from Asos :)
Ganni Georgette Kimono Dress this is Gorgeous!!
Asos Kimono Dress
Ganni Kimono Dress silky smooth :) Love!!
Oh My Love from Asos Kimono Jacket it has lovely colours :)
Story Of Lola from Asos Kimono
Lira Kimono from Asos

Anna Sui Kimono Stunner!!
Liquorish from Asos beautiful Kimono

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