Friday, 2 October 2015

Waynes World Party Time Excellent!!

You got it I was watching Wayne's World ;) so digging the geek to the chic glasses Garth is wearing along with the rock Ts, cool baggy plaid shirts and ripped jeans.  I have found a couple of bits similar so we can all rock out Waynes World style!!hahah lovingit!! lol xxx

Haha Love

Never were truer words spoken!! Thanks Garth :)

Note to self haha


Party on!

Party on!!

All of us need one of these belt tasers you never know when it may come in handy. Accessorize we could get them in all different colours haha That part of the movie cracked me up! hahaha

We're not worthy this is awesome!!

Just a lil Cray Cray but thats alright I am trying to convince myself  haha

Schwing haha too funny!!
Waynes girl rocking the red lace :)
Rocking out to some Queen me loves xxx

Waynes World 2 YMCA The Village People!! To funny!! Love that song :)
Awesome Etsy is where to get it at! Sold!

Aerosmith T from Etsy, AC DC T from By and Finally Topshop, Ray Ban Store also on Ebay, Jeans Topshop and shirt from Zaful. #supercuteoutfit :) xxx

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