Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Grease is Awesome :) Loving the Style!!

I got chills there multiplying and I am losing control!! That sums me up in a couple of words haha..  We gotta be be loving Grease :) Its freaking cool!! All the dancing and singing I just can't get enough!! I was sitting listening to my Grease Vinyl today and I said this defo deserves a mention :) Then I am like mmmmm I need to watch Grease :) I mean the style is awesome Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsen rock it!! The disco pants, the black on black, the big hair its freaking cool!! I is defo going to invest in some disco pants from Boohoo, Grease top from Truffle shuffle, Leather pants is also a cool alternative to disco pants from Zalando, the heels are by Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss for topshop crop leather jacket and the off the shoulder top from Asos is very Sandy :) I want a T Birds jacket also lol xxxx


Love the big hair and BAutiful :)

Digging it :)

 Kate Moss for Topshop- Ebay

Awesome at Truffle Shuffle

Asos Off shoulder top :)

Boohoo Disco Pants

Zalando leathers for alternative

Vivienne Westwood

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