Monday, 5 October 2015

Henry Holland LFW SS 16 Totally Awesome for sure!!

Henry Holland what can I say your rocking the safari theme SS 16 Collection. Now I want to go on Safari haha.. It teams stripey with leopard,straw and fluffy shoes, Floral dresses with leopard belts, Insect jumpsuits,sheer bug dress, 2 piece suits, awesome blue fur coat with bug motifs in love. Its Awesome :) xxxx

Safari Chic! Straw shoes :)

Leopard with stripey goodness and oh so fluffy heels oh my too cute :)

Loving the combo of fabrics and the leopard print belt ties it all together. I love leopard its awesome!!

I love this stripey outfit complete with insect motif to stick with the jungle theme. Completely obsessed with stripes!!

Floral with leopard who would have thought? It defo works though :) xxx

Insect jumpsuit with turtle neck stripyness (new word in Jane's dictionary haha) its super duper cutie :) xxx

 Gorgeous :)

Same insect print in dress form ohhh...

OMG I love those boots and great combo with shirt dress they are freaking awesome!!

Khaki with blues and purples absolutely BA utiful!!

 Oh the colours :)

We all need some furriness with insects its coolio :)

Insect buttons cool

Two piece suit with coulurful bag perfect for summer!!
Bugiful dress hehehe

The line up cool :)

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