Monday, 26 October 2015

J'adore Paris!! loving the Beret trend :)

I J'adore Paris!! I was on a wonderful trip during the summer and I had a ball!! When I came home I was constantly saying bonjour to everyone I did get a few strange looks haha I want to go back immediately hehe So anyway in fashion at the moment they have all the berets in all the magazines which I love because I got one when I was in Paris! Sooo.. I have picked a few berets to team with your AW outfits :) Its now time for the beret show :) xxxx

Loving my Beret :) 
Pieces Beet from Asos
Alice and Hannah Beret from Asos
Alice and Hannah Beret from Asos
American Apparel have all different colours :)
Topshop berets

 Accessorize Berets below :)

These two Ebay Berets are Gorgeous :)
Rihanna Rocking the Beret
Che Guevara looks awesome with his Beret!!
Kelly Brook loving the leopard Beret
Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her Beret

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