Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cute Clutch and Bag Day :)

I love clutch bags and I was having a nosey through my clutches and thought I would share with you lovely people :) The clutch is the ultimate accessory :) It can glam up any outfit and some are definitely talking pieces :) Super cute overload :) I have put a few of my own clutches and some that is on my  wishlist :) The My Novelty Closet store is Awesome and there clutches are super funky!! In love :) xxxx
My Novelty Closet

Cute Clutch
from Awesome Store My Novelty Closet
Rocking Clutch :)
Large Vintage envelope Clutch from Ebay
haha love this one :) Ebay
Its a doll!!! And a bag :) 
Grrrrr angry clutch lol :) 
Versace Jean Clutch/wallet its a combo :)
My Novelty Closet You've got Mail :)
Great Book and it's a bag My Novelty Closet
Num Num popcorn :) My Novelty Closet
My Novelty Closet need this :)
Oh my a  Feast Clutch Asos
Rocket Lolly Clutch Asos :)

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