Monday, 2 November 2015

Fo Fur is My Cure lol :)

Well what can I say Fo Fur is my cure!! It makes me purrrr... OK ill stop rhyming now lol I was checking out some totally awesome Fo Fur I have in my closet and found some new ones online so we shall all swim in the lusciousness of these fab finds :) xxxx

My Spongebob Fo Fur :)
Stripey Mint and navy Gorg! 
Stripe black and red ohhhh :)
Topshop Mongolian fluffy
Topshop zigzag Fo Fur its fo sure! 
Multi colour Topshop Coat
Asos patch Gorg Coat
Topshop Leopard Print
Anna Sui Gilet
Asos Fo Fur Awesome!!
Asos Leopard Print
Cute Fo Fur!!!!! :)

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