Sunday, 1 November 2015

Glitzy Sunday :)

We all need a Glitzy Sunday a little glitz never hurt anyone hehe If I could swim in glitz I would haha :0) I love glitzy clothing and accessorize :) Its great getting all glitzy!! There is a couple of items I have picked that are the ultimate glitz!! It makes me want to boogie under a disco ball hehe xxxx
Pretty Little Thing

Glitzy black dress 

Glitzy Shorts Cool
Pretty Little Thing
Glitzy two Piece
Glitzy Dress
Asos Glitz
Forever Unique
Arm Chain Topshop
Glitzy earring Topshop
Glitzy earring Topshop
Asos Glitz Shoe
Asos Glitz Boot
Asos Glitz Shoe
Glitz Boot Asos
Glitz Boots Ebay

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