Friday, 6 November 2015

Super Saver Friday (SSF) for under £40.00 Totally Awesome!!

It's another super saver Friday :) I was having a great browse through Ebay and I have picked a few of the things I think look awesome :)There is a cool transparent coat which of course would show your fab outfit :) a transparent bag which is uber cool!! Team these with the chiffon stripe dress, fedora hat, cutie booties and leggings added for the cooler weather or not show off those great pins but defo up to you groovy people!! :) xxxx

Cute Fedora Ebay £2.79
Transparent Coat Ebay £6.59

Chiffon Stripe dress Top £6.29
Black Leggings £2.69
Sequin Boots Ebay for £12.99 so cute!
Transparent bag in love #need £7.73

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