Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tshirt and Top Tuesday :)

You got it it's another Tuesday :) I love Tuesdays now :) they defo cure the blues haha :) Well there is like so many Ts and Tops I am in love with :) They are fun and Funky which I hope all of you lovely people will love too :) Check out my own funky and funny Tees too :) peace out xxxx

Disney Model Behaviour :)
Kate Moss giving it all that :)
Describes me lol Wildfox
Love  Barbie :)
Hear no evil,Speak no evil see no evil
What The.......? haha too funny!!!
Wildfox :)

Missy Empire
Wildfox at Spoiled Brat
Wildfox at Spoiled Brat
Spoiled Brat
Toby at Spoiled Brat
Eminem at Topshop 
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle

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