Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pom Pom obsession :)

I am in love with the Pom to the Pom haha it's super duper cute :) Love that it is in style and there is so much selection everywhere!! I must buy :) I am defo a shopaholic if you guys haven't already noticed haha Well we all love our style so who gives a da*m hehehe super hyper tonight just after a large Indian meal it was delicious num num :) Anyway I really just got distracted back to the Pom well I have picked some of my Fav Pom pieces check it out :) xxxx

Beanie Pom Coca cola :)

Lavish Alice
River Island
Asos Key Chain
Vans Pom Hat
Boohoo Pom heels
Vans Pom Hat
Truffle Collection Asos
Truffle Collection Asos
Boohoo Heels
New Look Earrings
Catarzi Asos

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