Sunday, 27 September 2015

Che Che Che Cherry Bomb!!

I am obsessionally listening to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at the moment :) Its awesome!! Her style and all the Runaways is bad ass!! Lurving  the outfits when Joan was in the Runaways was SUPA!! Flares, Metallic jackets, jumpsuits, leather, stripe leggings ripped jeans everything that is out now really but these ladies rocked it!!! There shaggy hair was awesome and I think that shaggy hair will be on the come back love the guys from White Snakes hair :) too cool. Check out some similar items that are reminiscing of that era jackets and jumpsuit from Asos, shoes and leather trousers from Topshop, Ts and stripe leggings from Ebay which rock :) xxxx

Love the hair it will be on the comeback!! Watch this space... White snake Rock!! Its so random that I dropped Whitesnake in this blog but the hair had to be mentioned!! haha
Light that Che Che Che Cherry bomb :)

Joan looks Awesome!!

Rock and Roll :)

The Rock look has never looked better!! xxx :)

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