Monday, 14 September 2015

Cool Outfits :)

I am having one of those days when you like a million things and cant decide because its all funky and cool :) So I'm just putting it all up and out there because its awesome :) We will have a quote today which I love its just 3 simple words but they make perfect sense :) xxx

Below we have a fab Ralph Lauren American flag jacket. I love the USA and love wearing the flag print always :) This jumper from Zalando by Noisy May is great!! I would like to hand this to a few people I know see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil lol hehe It is just FAB!

To the left converse t-shirt dress from Converse which is Awesome! I would team with stripey leggings Ebay, the skull Alexander McQueen Scarf and a chunky cardigan there is loads of gorgeous ones on Asos at the minute ohh lovely casual but sweet :)

Stripey Ohh :)

Mcqueen Skull Scarf!!                

Asos patchwork 70s Flare By Rokoko they have amazing Flares! I just cant get enough of Flares they are awesome :)

Below is an outfit from Asos again 70s USA flag flares and gorgeous top its defo on the wishlist!! Last but not least we have Mou Eskimo boots I am madly in love and drooling uncontrollably haha too much info. The jeans are by Ragged Priest great if your having a total messy day heehee xx 

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