Friday, 11 September 2015

There is Beauty in Madness :)

Sorry guys for the late post super duper sickly today booooo...!!!! I was watching Alice in Wonderland and thought there really is madness in beauty. Man, I love Alice in wonderland!! So here is a few things that I found and though they was uber cool. Just to let you know incase you haven't noticed alraedy haahaa I use alot of Jane Lingo I defo speak my own language and be on planet Jane the rest of the time but that's just me heehee xxxx

Dress is amazing from etsy!!

I am so getting these tights below from etsy for winter team with the topshop skirt and some funky boots and we are all set :) Completely in love goodbye sickness hellooo some uber cool outfits :) xxx

Until tomorrow :) xxxx

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