Friday, 18 September 2015

Sunglass Obsession

OMG I am a complete psycho when it comes to sunglasses recently I just cant get enough of them!! Well I suppose they do hide the bags I have under my eyes haha and they look stylish sometime I don't know if I can handlethisstyle heeheehee. I am loving the Lilly-Rose Depp Chanel sunglasses campaign they look awesome!!

Haha I really I'm obssessed!!

Now in denial haha aw well life is for living!!

Lilly Allen rocking the classic Ray Ban.
Chanel half tint sunnies :)

Loving the pearls Rihanna looks stunning :)

Asos cat eye sunglasses we gotta love them and of course have them!!

The House of Harlow sunnies are to dye for I am in Love!! Nicole and Miley are stunning and I am in love :) xxx
House of Harlow Collection Love, Love and Love some more :) xxx

Spread the love of sunglasses #Obsessed

Sunglasses, sunglasses and more sunglasses wahoooooo!!!

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