Thursday, 3 September 2015

Transparent Coat and Bag for winter ohh nice

I was day dreaming about coats as per usual haha and thought of the Topshop transparent raincoat. So in those rainy days to come your fab outfit is no longer hidden. Christina Aguilera looks awesome rocking this sh*t out!! Oh oh and the Chanel transparent bag would also be super cute :) Transparent on transparent :) I'm defo in love and slightly drooling awhhh haha xxx

Well I would team it with a funky Barbara Hulanicki dress and super cute fluffy kitten heels for wearing at night or day time Chanel thigh boots.
Barbara Hulanicki super funky dress :)

 Fluffy Kitten Heels very Glam/chic ohhh me likey :)

Thigh Chanel boots :) xxx

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